Roof Windows in Trowbridge

It is essential that new roof windows, dome windows and skylight are correctly fitted. This will guarantee their waterproofness, durability and effectiveness. We are fully trained and experience in repairing and fitting roof window. As a result, we can offer a high quality, professional service to customers throughout the Southwest. You can choose from a wide range of Velux windows, dormer windows, skylights and dome windows. All windows can be fully tailored to complement your new or existing roof. If you are experiencing a leaky roof window, we can fix it. We carry out roof window repairs on a regularly and can usually fix most issues quickly and efficiently.

Roof Windows for Loft Conversions

When considering a loft conversion, plenty of thought should be given to the type, size and positioning of roof windows. Consequently, choosing the correct windows can greatly increase the external appeal of a roof, in addition to maximising internal light. Also, adding a dormer window can add more precious space to your loft conversion. Batstone Restoration Roofing is always happy to discuss and help you with every aspect of your roofing project. Furthermore, with over 10 years fitting roof window across Wiltshire and Somerset we are confident that we can meet and exceed your requirements. Just contact us for a free inspection and no obligation quote. Finally, check out what past customers think of our work at

Velux roof windows in Trowbridge

Dome windows in Trowbridge

Dormer windows in Trowbridge